Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to Parakey mobile applications for iPhone and Android (individually referred to as “App”, together as “Apps”), to the websites, (individually referred to as “Site”, together as “Sites”).

In this document we refer to the piece of hardware that controls an electromechanical lock or another access control system as “Device” (or “Devices” if more than one).

Parakey as a company and as a service is still very much evolving and this policy will likely change over time as features are added, removed or changed. If you still have questions after reading this privacy policy get in touch and hopefully we can answer them.

What data does Parakey collect?

When you create an account

Your email is part of your account. The first time you sign in we ask for your first and last name. Email and name is displayed at a Site where administrators can see connected users and events, such as unlocks and when an access key was given to or removed from a user.


When you unlock something

Before you can unlock anything your phone has to check its surroundings to find anything to unlock. We call this process scanning. The result from a scan could be one or more Devices. Sometimes a scan finds other things, such as a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a Fitbit or something else entirely. We make a note of what Devices were found but discard any information about other Bluetooth devices.

After the unlock procedure an event log is generated and sent back to Parakey. This log consists of a number of things that we need to keep track of. The most important parts would be what the Device unlocked, who unlocked it, what time it was and whether it was a success or not. But also details about the phone such as manufacturer, model and App version. 


When you submit feedback or a bug report

If you decide to submit feedback or bug reports (which we really hope you do) a message is generated with some data related to your particular device, such as the OS version, how big the screen is, App version and so on. Things that help our developers troubleshoot issues. In addition to that information we also store any message that is submitted alongside the feedback or the bug report. With the feedback or bug report we don’t attach any personally identifiable information.


When you visit the site

We log each request that is made to the Site. A request consists of among other things the resource that was accessed, the time it was accessed, the browser that asked for it, and the IP address. We use this information to make sure that the Site is working properly.

With each authenticated request made to the Site we store an anonymous identifier in a cookie to keep you signed in. We also use third party services for analytics and user onboarding purposes that uses cookies to identify unique users.

How we use your data

The data collected is used to troubleshoot the Apps and the Sites, improve the user experience, detect and prevent errors.

If you deactivate your account

You can deactivate your account by contacting us at

We will remove any personally identifiable information related to that account, including but not limited to your email and name.


    - Best, the Parakey Team